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Online EHS Management Made Simple for Less

WorkSafeOnline (WSO) is a comprehensive EHS solution to manage workplace practices and risks while reducing hazards, incidents, injuries and negative business impacts. WSO conforms to various government regulations and standards and EHS quality standards. Organizations can now manage compliance and risk more easily while improving safety, environmental, social and economic performances to attain sustainable profitability.

Health Management

This Module is designed to help you proactively manage your employee's health issues and Information. Using medical module, you will be able to record employee health surveillances, History, specific tests, diagnosis and follow-ups. You will be able to monitor, analyze and capture trends that may have an impact on the health and safety of employees at workplace and thereby achieving continuous improvement.

Features & Functionalities

The following are the features and functionalities of Health module:

  • Schedule employee's check-ups.
  • History & Habits information.
  • Capture vital signs and examination details.
  • Order and capture investigation information like Spirometry, Audiometry etc.
  • Rehabilitation - Track employee treatment information.
  • Capture dependants health information.
  • Capture injury related information.
  • Capture dependants health information.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Generate medical certificates.
  • Compliance with regulatory and company standards.
  • Generate regulatory reports.

Employee Management

The employee management module of WSO contains all information related to the employees of the company. Their personal, address, employment, payroll, cost distribution, time, HDA (hazard duty allowance), training and qualifications are all captured within this module.

This Module maintains all the information related to employee as given below:

  • Basic Employee Information
  • Dependants Information
  • Organization Details
  • Qualification
  • Training
  • Health Alerts
  • Medical History

Injury Management

Injury management allows you to create and add employees specific injury data based on industry standards. All injury details can be categorized based on different types, nature and mechanism of injuries. Medical Certificates and time lost details can also be entered in injury feature. OSHA, Lost Time Injury (LTI) and organization specific reports can be generated in a few clicks.

  • Create Injury
  • Notifications via email and sms
  • Add witness details
  • Accident investigation & corrective actions and preventive action
  • Escalate actions based on injury severity
  • Add case notes and attachements such as photographs.
  • Manage risks

Health Checkup's

This particular section of WSO deals with scheduling of different types of medical checkups. These checkups can be scheduled and a reminder is generated on the scheduled day. The complete examination details can be saved and reports generated at any time.

  • Pre Employment Checkups.
  • Post Employment Checkups.
  • Periodical Medical Examination


This feature looks into tracking all of the employee's post injury treatment information. This helps the organization in compliance with regulatory standards and to report the injury related information in their standard formats. It also looks into the organizations performances by generating Organization KPI's.

  • Emplolyee's post injury treatment information.
  • Lost time information.
  • Treatment details

Safety Module

This module manages & tracks all the Safety aspects in the organization to retain the safe work environment which in turn helps in improving business processes and reducing the operational risks and maintain good relationship with all the stakeholders. The following are the features and functionalities of this module:

Features & Functionalities

The following are the features and functionalities of Safety module:

  • Track and manage hazards, incidents and injuries.
  • Identify work safe procedures or Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Track and manage HSE training.
  • Manage equipment which includes Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Improve business processes and reduce operational risks.
  • Reduce incidents and injuries.
  • Comply with regulatory and quality standards - OSHA, RIDDOR, Factories Act & OHSAS 18001.
  • Comply with Regulatory and Quality Standards.
  • Effective communications and notifications.
  • Escalations.

Hazard Management

Hazard Management allows you to identify and track all hazards present within your organization. Based on each hazard, the system will alert you to perform and to remediate or control the hazard.

Following are the features and functionalities of the hazard module -

  • Create hazards via self service form.
  • Notifications via email and sms
  • Carryout investigations & assign corrective actions and preventive Actions
  • Add case notes and attachments, such as photographs.
  • Escalations on exceeding due dates
  • Relate hazards to incidents, incidents to injuries etc.
  • Perform risk assessment

Incident Management

Incident Management allows the user to record incidents and address promptly by setting actions and follow-ups. This in-turn triggers the investigation and associate CAPA for the incident and also track them to closure. Easy to use solution helps HSE Professionals to comply with regulatory standards and avoid any fines/litigations.

  • Create incidents via self service form
  • Notifications via email and sms
  • Add witness details
  • Accident investigation & corrective actions and preventive action
  • Add case notes and attachments, such as photographs.
  • Escalate actions based on type of incident.
  • Perform Risk Assessment

Injury Management

Injury Management allows you to create and add employees specific injury data based on industry standards. All injury details can be categorized based on different types, nature and mechanism of injuries. Medical Certificates and time lost details can also be entered in injury module. OSHA, Lost Time Injury (LTI) and organization specific reports can be generated in a few clicks.

  • Create injury
  • Notifications via email and sms
  • Add witness details
  • Accident investigation & corrective actions and preventive action
  • Escalate actions based on injury severity
  • Add case notes & attachments
  • Manage risks

Job Management

Any work awarded to a contractor will be created as a New Job which will have all the details of activities to be performed. Safety measures and hazard types can be linked to the new job.

  • Generation of work safe procedures and Standard Operating Procedures for a    particular Job.
  • A Job Safety Analysis checklist can be generated.
  • Both Safety Permits and Job Management can be configured based on your Standard    templates

Document Management

Document Management enables Electronic management of the documents for easy maintenance. The Document Management module organizes documents such as policies, standard operating procedure, regulatory standards, and organization procedures in a way that they are easily accessible from a central location. You can safeguard the integrity of data and document by assigning access rights.

The Document Management module offers:

  • Centralized file storage
  • Document life cycle
  • Faster distribution of information
  • Document search capabilities
  • Notifications

Risk Management

The purpose of risk management is to identify threats and vulnerabilities related to the day-to-day activities of employees. A risk assessment will be utilized to identify mitigation plans related to risks and to track and maintain a safe workplace for the employees.

  • Identify the process and activities for which risk assessment needs to be carried out.
  • Evaluate the possible consequences and severity arising from the hazard.
  • Based on Consequences and Likelihood, generate Risk Level
  • Generate Risk Level
  • Create the Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • Assess if these measures are adequate and reduce the risk to as low as is practical.
  • Generate and Maintain the Risk Register
  • Helps to comply with OHSAS 18001.

Inspections and Audits

The Inspection and Audit management module with its mobile capability provides a proactive tool to manage and track safety in your organization. The Inspection and audit templates can be pre-configured based on your organization requirements.

  • Create your inspection and audit checklist
  • Schedule inspection and audit
  • Notification and task creation
  • Link rating to actions and hazards.
  • Inspection reports can be generated.
  • Helps to comply with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Training and Qualifications

This module helps manage the complete training life cycle on HSE aspects. You can schedule training and events. Auto mailers could be configured to be sent as invitations and reminders. The training and qualification modules offer:

  • Training schedules
  • Record attendance
  • Email notifications to participants
  • Generate Certificates
  • Update Employee information

Contractor Management

In WorkSafeOnline you can maintain Contractors and their employee's information for each contractor company. We can create jobs in the job management module and assign these jobs to contractor management module. This module contains all of the contractor information working in the organization.

  • This modules have all contractor information working in the organization.
  • Incidents and injuries related to Contractor's employees.
  • Track contractor's performance.

Equipment Management

All equipment related information is captured and maintained in this module. This feature also looks into Personal Protective Equipment Management (PPE), where the PPE is the main area of concern for the corporation.

  • General equipment details
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Location details
  • Renewal and certification details
  • OHS related information
  • Notifications for renewal of equipment

Safety Permits

This module looks into all permits required for working in the areas of -

  • Confined space
  • Working at heights
  • Extreme weather conditions

These templates can be customized by the end user.

The Safety Permit module can also be mapped to the Job Management Modules.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

WorkSafeOnline’s Behavior Based Safety Module is a proactive system to manage Behavior Based Observations, record Information and track actions to closure. Safety personnel are able to identify key issue areas and focus on mitigating risks to prevent incident by improving organization safety processes.

Behavior Based Safety enables effective management of observation and provides visibility to the information on real time basis to access the strengths and weakness of the existing activities/processes. In turn this tracks the actions/recommendations assigned to the responsible person and alert based on due dates and escalate incase of any non-conformances to the assigned activity.

BBS will get a company beyond workplace audits and inspections, past the policing role and closer to really knowing how much your workforce understands their work practices, procedures, conditions and behaviours that cause people to make mistakes.

The BBS main steps evolve are:

  • Schedule and assign BBS
  • Capture Observations
  • Assign Actions or recommendations for the observation items
  • Track and actions close
  • Generate both graphical and tabular reports

WSO BBS Module Benefits:

  • Improve Business processes
  • Visibility to the existing safety measures on organizational activities
  • Analysis and decision making
  • Avoid serious Accidents/Incidents
  • Effective Communication: Notifications and Escalations on the assigned tasks
  • Avoid paper work and human error


This module tracks all environmental aspects and the impact that it may have on an organization. This in turn helps the organization to comply with local regulatory and quality standards.

Features & Functionalities

The following are the features and functionalities of Environment module:

  • Manage air emissions and effluent discharge details.
  • Track waste details.
  • Generate environmental aspect register.
  • Record and manage environmental incidents.
  • Track your natural resources like raw materials, production details, Eenergy and water consumption.
  • Helps in complying with EPA, MoEF and ISO 14001 standards.
  • Integration with your continuous monitoring systems(CMS).
  • Notifications and communications.
  • Tracking and escalations.

Waste Management

The Waste Management process allows having an end to end process of your waste. The process allows you to record from generation to disposal in a well structured manner. All details of waste generation are entered using the web based interface.


This module tracks air emissions, effluent discharges, sampling and monitoring of the environment. It helps the organization to comply with environmental regulations and ISO14001 standard. WSO can generate GRI KPI's which can help clients to report those statistics.

  • Enables tracking and recording of your source emissions and source effluent discharges.
  • Allows for planning and recording of implemented corrective actions in case of    environmental incidents and tracks it to closure.
  • You can track the organizations natural resource utilization such as electricity, petrol,    diesel, water, natural gas and coal.
  • You can efficiently analyze and record natural resources in terms of consumption,    quantity and expenses to enable sustainable growth.


Most organizations regard environment conservation activities as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and WSO can aid in tracking all related information in a systematic and efficient method.


Looks into all the natural resources like water, energy & raw material's utilized and production information generated by the company.

Representative International Customers

Nestlé is a successful company that provides consumers with high quality products and is committed to long-term sustainable growth and shareholder satisfaction.

Nestle has chosen WorkSafeOnline (WSO) to automate and streamline its Occupational Health & Safety management across multiple operations.

Jubilant Organosys is an integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences company. It is one of the largest Custom Research and Manufacturing Services company and a leading Drug Discovery and Development Solution provider.

Jubilant Organosys uses the WorkSafeOnline (WSO) solution to report, manage and communicate information related to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) issues.

Sterlite Industries is one of the largest non-ferrous metals and mining companies with primary businesses in Aluminium, Copper, Zinc & Lead and Commercial Energy.

Sterlite Industries rely on WorkSafeOnline for Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) data management, recording and timely communication.

Maruti Suzuki is the largest Automobile Manufacturer in South Asia. It is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan and India's largest passenger car company, accounting for over 50 per cent of the domestic car market.

WorkSafeOnlie (WSO) was chosen as the preferred solution to provide a web-based interface for real time information access across the enterprise, with built-in comprehensive workflow to align to Maruti Suzuki’s business requirements.

McWilliam’s Wines is an International wine maker founded in 1877. It is one of oldest and most respected family-owned wineries. The company has premium vineyards in Australia’s most important growing regions.

McWilliam’s Wines manages Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) programs using the WSO online “pay-as-you-go” subscription based model.

Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECC) is the peak environmental regulator in the state of New South Wales, Australia. DECC is a NSW Government Agency and was created in September 2003 from the merger of: the Environment Protection Authority, the National Parks and Wildlife Services, the Botanic Gardens Trust and Resource NSW.

DECC has been a customer since 2007 and uses WorkSafeOnline to manage and track Occupational Health and Safety.

Mundra Port, India’s largest private port provides cargo handling and other value-added port services.

Mundra port manages it’s Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) programs using the WorkSafeOnline subscription based model.

Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW is a State Government agency responsible for: Improving road safety, testing and licensing drivers and registering and inspecting vehicles, managing the road network to achieve consistent travel times.

RTA uses WorkSafeOnline enterprise edition on a hosted model to manage Occupational Health & Safety data across all locations.

Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), a part of dynamic Vedanta Resource Group, is India’s Vedanta Zinc Provider.

HZL has been using WorkSafeOnline successfully since 2006 to manage Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) in an effective way.

Sesa Goa Limited , the flagship company of Sesa Group is India's largest exporter of iron ore in the private sector. Sesa Goa Limited has mining operations in Goa, Karnataka and Orissa (India).

Sesa Goa uses WorkSafeOnline to automate and streamline Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) processes across the organization.

Tata BlueScope Steel is an equal joint venture between Tata Steel and BlueScope Steel in the field of coated steel, steel building solutions and related building products. TBSL complies with EHS regulations, effective EHS management and effective EHS data management using WSO. del.

Vedanta Aluminium (India) Ltd is a leading producer of Aluminum in India.

WSO modules for managing Environment, Health & Safety information were implemented at Vedanta Aluminium.

Macquarie Generation is Australia’s largest electricity generator. Macquarie Generation is a State Owned Corporation established in 1996 with core business is the production and wholesale of electricity to the National Electricity Market.

Macquarie Generation has been using WorkSafeOnline since 2004 to automate and effectively manage Occupational Health and Safety processes.

Dalma Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Qahtani Investments LLC. Dalma Energy operates and owns 22 land rigs throughout the gulf region, Asia and North Africa.

Dalma Energy manages Occupational Safety using WorkSafeOnline with effective information management on hazard, incident, injury, audits and inspections.

Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. (BALCO) – Mining major with Aluminum, Copper and Zinc operations in UK, India and Australia

BALCO successfully implemented the WSO solution with all the customization and localization that was required for BALCO.

We are looking for a simple and effective solution for all HSE incidents on the sites. WSO is the standard platform to simultaneously drive reporting, recording and followup's.
- Safety Manager,
Vedanta Aluminium Limited

Comparison between Editions & Pricing

 = Available for a fee         = Included        NA  = Not available       .  Mobile device cost not included

Features Single User Starter Pack Advanced Pack
Number of users* 1 5 20
Complementary Document Storage 250MB 500MB 1 GB
Monthly Fee $99 USD/month $299 USD/month $990 USD /month
Each Additional User $99 USD/month $58.80 USD/month $49.50 USD /month
Mobile** Inspections and Hazard creation $299 USD /month $149 USD /month/per user $99 USD /month/per user

HR , Maintenance, Environmental Systems
Instructor Lead Online Training
Onsite Instructor Lead Training
Online Support $100 USD /month
Additional Training Instance

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